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Afri(K)que Limited

Handmade art empowering females in the USA & Togo,West Africa

Our Handmade Products

African prints are always in fashion! Here are a few unique gift ideas for your special event. Call or contact us to place your order. We accept PayPal. You can also catch us at our upcoming events!

We're so glad to announce that our handmade products are also featured on Please check out some of our items at

You'll be impressed!

Afri(K)que Limited is pleased to be participating in the Card to Culture program by extending discounts to EBT, WIC, and ConnectorCare cardholders.

Discount(s) include:

• EBT: A collaboration between the Mass Cultural Council and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services' Department of Transitional Assistance. 

• WIC: A collaboration between the Mass Cultural Council and the Department of Public Health’s WIC. 

• ConnectorCare: A collaboration between the Mass Cultural Council and the Massachusetts Health Connector.

Anybody with these cards can get a 50% discount at our events and when they purchase our handmade products.