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Afri(K)que Limited

Handmade art empowering females in the USA & Togo,West Africa

Welcome!        Bienvenue!


We hope your experience with us will be memorable. Afri(K)que specializes in handmade in the USA and Togo, Africa. Our goal is that you will find everything your heart desires on our website.

With a variety of eco-friendly fashion trend clothing and accessories, our products are unique. All of our items are made by hand and therefore two pieces are never the same! So we are sure you'll be happy to shop with us!

Don't forget to browse around our website if you're looking for authentic ideas for any type of celebration.

We are present at themed-parties, fairs, hospitals, schools and organize fashion shows and events.

Call us if you need us to come promote what we do at your event.

We are the proud supporters of hungry children all throughout the world. We believe in fighting against poverty on the face of Earth one woman at a time. We believe that if even the women we work with have enough to take care of their families then we are making a difference in the world!

From poverty to being independent.

From low-self-esteem to financial empowerment.

We are "Handmade For a Reason"

Visit our About Us page to find out more about how we're changing lives in all different places through charitable work!